Guardian Kayden the project had originally started back around 2013 as a personal project. It was originally not meant to be published but kept within the family for our own enjoyment. It wasn't until my father fell ill and expressed that he wanted me to share its world and characters with other people so that they too might come to enjoy part of it that I considered publishing it.

January 2021

It began its journey to the outside world on Tapas. Along the way, I have met and had the privelage to get to know a group of wonderful friends and fellow creative minds at the Discord Server "Artists & Authors United."

Together, we published our work across online platforms and dared to dream together of what lay in wait for our characters, our worlds, our universes. We continue to dream to this day and hope to beyond.

June 2023

The journey to publishing Book One which is now titled: "Guardian Kayden, Honor-Bound." Which should be available both physically and online in a wonderfully crafted format for ease of reading and all in one place.


There are plans to one day publish more books, but I am only taking one step at a time.

January 2023

If schedule allows, the comic adaption "The Legend of Guardian Kayden" will be published by the 19th for the first episode and prologue. I will do my best but I am not in complete control of my surroundings nor circumstance. God willing, it can get done by then. :3

February 2023

The prologue of the comic "The Legend of Guardian Kayden" is out now on Webtoon and Tapas!
The planned schedule is monthly, but it's totally God willing on that. I will go into the direction I am called +_+!