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Kayden Royal is a returning Guardian after four years off the job after a tragedy.
His life takes a dramatic turn when he starts manifesting volatile abilities linked to elemental spirits—mythical entities that embody

the fabric of the cosmos.
The line between science fiction and fantasy blurs, creating a vibrant tapestry of interstellar politics, mythical spirits, and a hero’s undying commitment to safeguard the universe.

Will Kayden master his elemental powers and thwart the dangers of the cosmos and celestial entities? Or will the universe fall into chaos by the interdimensional being known as the harbinger of doom?

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Read the slightly different retelling of the illustrated novel in the Official Comic Adaption “The Legend of Guardian Kayden” available on Tapas!

This adaptation is in the webtoon format formatted best for the digital medium. It isn’t updated as often as the illustrated novel but as a supplement for a richer experience of the whole universe of Guardian Kayden.

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The special whimsical and collaborative comic with the Artists & Authors United Discord server content is where the non-cannon and fun stuff is located. As well as the bonus content and fanart. ✨ 

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